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        Noshok 25-200-10-psi 1/4 NPT Bottom Conn 2.5 Low Pressure Diaphragm Gauge

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        Noshok 25-200-10-psi 1/4 NPT Bottom Conn 2.5 Diaphragm Gauge

        200 Series Low Pressure Diaphragm Pressure Gauges



        • Sensitive capsule-type, non-fillable dry gauge
        • Vacuum ranges through 0 psi to 10 psi
        • 2-1/2" and 4" gauge sizes
        • Black painted steel, stainless steel and impact-resistant ABS case
        • Copper alloy and brass wetted parts


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        GAUGE SIZES252-1/2"404"  
        CASE TYPES200Steel, bottom connection (304SS for 4")210Steel, back connection224ABS, panel mount
        206 ABS, bottom connection216ABS, back connection234Gas pressure test kit**
        15 inH2O Vac-15 inH2O to 0 inH2O200 inH2O0 inH2O to 200 inH2O3psi0 psi to 3 psi
        30 inH2O Vac-30 inH2O to 0 inH2O10 oz/in20 oz/in2 to 10 oz/in25 psi0 psi to 5 psi
        60 inH2O Vac-60 inH2O to 0 inH2O15 oz/in20 oz/in2 to 15 oz/in210 psi0 psi to 10 psi
        100 inH2O Vac-100 inH2O to 0 inH2O30 oz/in20 oz/in2 to 30 oz/in240 mbar0 mbar to 40 mbar
        10 inH2O0 inH2O to 10 inH2O35 oz/in20 oz/in2 to 35 oz/in260 mbar0 mbar to 60 mbar
        15 inH2O0 inH2O to 15 inH2O60 oz/in20 oz/in2 to 60 oz/in2160 mbar0 mbar to 160 mbar
        30 inH2O0 inH2O to 30 inH2O100 oz/in20 oz/in2 to 100 oz/in2250 mbar0 mbar to 250 mbar
        60 inH2O0 inH2O to 60 inH2O160 oz/in20 oz/in2 to 160 oz/in2400 mbar0 mbar to 400 mbar
        100 inH2O0 inH2O to 100 inH2O20 oz/35 inH2O0 oz/in2/inH2O to 20 oz/in2 inH2O600 mbar0 mbar to 600 mbar
        160 inH2O0 inH2O to 160 inH2O32 oz/55 inH2O0 oz/in2/inH2O to 32 oz/in2 inH2O  
        CONNECTION SIZE1/41/4" NPT  
        OPTIONSBLRFBlack Rear FlangePLAcrylic LensSSCRStainless Steel Cover Ring
        SSRF304SS Rear FlangeRLRecalibrator LensCCRChrome Cover Ring
        BLFFBlack Front FlangeSPRed Set PointerLMLaser Marking
        SSFF304SS Front FlangeMIPMaximum Indicatinrg PointerSTStainless Steel Tagging
        CFFChrome Front FlangeOPOver Pressure ProtectionBP3Brass Press Fit Orifice 0.3 mm
        SSCStainless Steel CaseSSBUStainless Steel Bezel & U-ClampBT3Brass Threaded Orifice 0.3 mm
        GLGlass Lens*BBUBlack Beze & U-Clamp  
        SGSafety Glass Lens*BCRBlack Cover Ring  
        *A steel, stainless or chrome cover ring must be additionally ordered when lenses other than acrylic are utilized on all 200 Series models
        ** Only available in 2-1/2" size, 20 oz/35 inH2O

           Please consult your local NOSHOK Distributor or NOSHOK, Inc. for availability and delivery information.
           NOTE: Refer to 200 Series Options & Accessories for availability by model number.

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